Monday, November 2, 2009

Human Resources!!!!!

I am just beginning to work in the Human Resources Department of the hotel and I am so excited to see what it is like to work behind the scenes of the hotel working for the employees. 

Recycling Meeting:
The recycling committee holds a meeting between its members once a month to talk about how each department is doing their job to make sure that our hotel becomes a more green friendly establishment. We talk about last months changes and how they have helped or have not helped and if the employees are actually engaging in them. One of our problems discussed is lack of awareness. Many employees at the hotel did not know what was recyclable or not, so we came up with a solution. A poster decorating contest! Each department would have a month to create a poster for their area for everyone to see. The posters would have to be creative, the design would need to demonstrate things we do at the hotel and should include as much employee participation as possible. The committee would meet a month later and vote on the department with the best bulletin board. The winners would get to have a pizza party for everyone in their department. We thought this was a good way to get everyone involved and demonstrate their knowledge about recycling at the hotel. I was given the job of making an informational poster about the contest to hang in the hallway for everyone to see (which I included a picture of)

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