Thursday, September 17, 2009

Delphi and Room Viewer

Last week I was able to really learn more about the hotel and how it operates internally. They use a program called “Delphi” to plan and block out events. This program is accessible by everyone in sales and in catering and they are able to do everything from putting a hold on event space to making the BEO’s (Banquet Event Orders) and contracts. The program can help you evaluate the client’s budget, your predicted revenue and the total revenue once the event is over. You can also track your activity in Delphi, making customer relations much easier and this way you can include small details that are easily accessible. Delphi also has a To Do list which helps you keep things in order so that you are not late doing certain tasks that are imperative to making your event a success.  


I was able to do a tutorial and learn everything there is to know about this program. I think this is a very valuable tool to have in this industry and I am very glad that I was able to learn it. Because I love organizing, this was something that I was excited to learn even though it took me an entire day and a half to complete it! J


The hotel also uses “Room Viewer” which is a program that has the hotel’s meeting and event space already laid out and you are able to create a picture of what the room is going to look like. You can add tables with chairs, a stage for the band, Audio Visual equipment, a dance floor and much more. This program is a very useful tool when you are planning a unique event and want to show the banquet staff exactly how it should be or even just to show the client how their event is going to look. There is also a tutorial for this program that I would like to take sometime while I am interning here.


Learning these programs helps me to further demonstrate my general skills in computer literacy and allows me to learn more about the hospitality industry.

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  1. Hey Lauren, How is working the hotel industry...It is a lot harder than it looks! Is your hotel hold conferences and conventions like mine? How have you been? I hope you are doing well. I am having a wonderful time in D.C. If you ever come to my side of the US let me know...



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